Music Fridays!

Good Morning all.

I know, I know I have been away a really long time. But I just needed a couple weeks (a month?) to recoup and figure out what I was doing with this! Good news, I will be back.. albeit slightly more focused haha. So today we’re going to talk about one of my favourite things, Music!

Now I am going to share a couple of things that I have discovered this week, in hopes that you two will love them. Fingers crossed! The band names link to their respective websites so you can check out more if you’d like.

1- Stars: Hold on when you get love and let go when you give it.

I love Stars. They have held my heart for a really long time, and this song off their most recent release North is no exception. While this song isn’t exactly new to me (I bought the pre-release of The North, that’s how excited I was) the video is. It was released on the day DOMA was ruled unconstitutional. Its a fun video and a great song.

2- Olivia Millerschin – Mockingbird

Now this artist is definitely new to me, but has impressed me in a really short period of time. Millerschin started following me on twitter the other day, so I checked out her stuff. So glad she did, otherwise it may have taken me a lot longer to discover her. She has a fantastic voice! I’ve picked one of my favourite tracks below.

Thats it for today, some new music to get you to your weekend. I will be back next week with more 🙂

Happy weekend, and for those of you in Canada, Happy Canada Day! Celebrate this great country we live in.


Challenge result – fail

Well I think the day has come to realize that I throwing in the towel on the challenge I gave myself back in April and realize that I probably was a little over ambitious. That being said! I lasted a lot longer than I think even I was expecting.

So where do we go from here? While I know I don’t have enough interesting things to talk about to post every day, the blog will stay with a reduced number of posts (minimum of 2 a week) and probably will not adhere to the previous schedule of topics. I am sorry recipe Thursdays and music review Fridays, you will still happen, just not on your chosen day.

I’d like to thank all those who have been reading daily, and hope that you will continue to check back and see what I am rambling on about in the near future 🙂


My guilty pleasure (listen)

Well its Monday again… really where do our weekends go? I feel like it was just Monday last week.

That being said, I know on most Mondays I need coffee (without a doubt) and music to keep me going throughout the day. Now I can’t believe I am actually posting this.. because this means that it will be in writing, but I have to admit that this song got me through a lot of today. Call it my guilty pleasure of pop music.

Now I am attending the Field Trip Music and Arts Festival this weekend… so I promise, I will post about better music this week. I have a week of catching up on artists to do.