The Voice made me sad :(

It’s a cloudy/dark/rainy Wednesday morning here in Ottawa, which suits the mood this morning still I am still pretty sad about the outcome from last nights The Voice elimination show. I am disappointed that not one, but two of my favourites have been eliminated from the competition. I mean what are the odds.

Sadly I missed the performance show on Monday, but it turns out that NBC does a quick 1 hour recap before the elimination show, so people like me can catch up.

Sarah Simmons (eliminated) – Somebody I used to know.

Not sure this should have gotten her eliminated, but it wasn’t my favourite performance.

Judith Hill (eliminated) – #thatPOWER

Vocals – great… but the song is not my favourite

Sadly with Judith gone.. we wont see anything like this gem again

Who I am still rooting for:

Michelle Chamuel – Grenade

I am loving this girl more and more every week. This stripped down version of this song is fantastic!

Amber Carrington – Skyfall

I had to listen to this three times before I could really appreciate how good this actually was. Although I hate when people cover Adele.

I cant give up on The Voice yet… here’s hoping it doesn’t disappoint me again


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