Music Review Fridays – Siberia Acoustic

Hello from Fredericton everyone! I’ve temporarily relocated for a few days to attend a wedding and have myself some family time. But don’t fret, because I haven’t forgotten about any of you! In addition, I haven’t forgotten about my promised Friday music review!

Now I posted a song by Lights on May 8th, as one of my current essential tracks. Today I am following that up with a full review of the Siberia Acoustic album. I just needed some time to go out and find myself a copy! Now normally I see re-releases of albums with “special” tracks or “acoustic” versions as cash-grabs by the artists and record labels. I think I have changed my tune with this album; Siberia Acoustic is a vastly different album than the initial release of Siberia in 2011.


I loved the initial release of this album, Lights in the past has stuck to her  Canadian electro-pop/rock ways, and its been fantastic. However, with the release of Siberia Acoustic, Lights ventures more into a singer-songwriter stream. I initially thought that song of these songs would lose something in removing the synth and dance beat, but surprisingly they have become stronger than they were.

Lights vocals on this album are incredible. There is something raw about the sound of her voice when she’s only backed by a guitar, a piano and the occasional cello. Songs like Toes, gain a more playful sound. Suspension which was never my favourite on the last album feels like it has new meaning.

Lights also includes a couple of duets on this album, which only work to further the impressiveness of this album. Owl City is a great addition to Cactus in the Valley, and voices blend seamlessly between Arkells singer Max Kerman and Lights on the title track Siberia.

I would definitely say this album is worth shelling out for, you won’t be disappointed. Listen to the acoustic version of Siberia (Acoustic) below.

Happy weekend.. all y’all stay out of trouble now… ya hear


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