My “The Voice” Recap

Now I don’t think its much of a stretch so say that I love music… especially given that I blog about it so much. What I don’t normally love is reality competitions trying to find singers. Yes I will admit that when American Idol first started it would be something that I watched on a regular basis, but that was over a decade ago (ugh) so I have fallen out of love.

That being said, I am finding myself in love with The Voice on NBC.I dont know whether its because I have found myself at home more often that not when its on… or whether I am just really impressed with the crop of talent they have managed to find this year, but I really cant get enough. So today I am going to give a bit of a recap of what I loved, because the others while good… I feel didnt measure up to these potential winners. (In order of my love for them)

1- Sarah Simmons – The Story

I think I fell in love with Sarah from the minute she auditioned with “One of us” by Joan Osborne. Last night she gave a great rendition of this Brandi Carlile song which really shows off the uniqueness of her voice.

2- Michelle Chamuel – Call your girlfriend

I am not going to lie, I wasn’t too sold on Michelle when she auditioned with Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” but her talent and quirkiness has won me over. She’s a little drowned out by the music in this song, but still one of the better performances of the night

4- The Swon Brothers – Who’s gonna fill their shoes

My music tastes can be quite eclectic, and this country tune is no different.

5- Judith Hill – You’ve got a friend

I really want to like Judith, there is no denying her talent. While she was definitely better that most of the singers I saw last night… there’s just something missing

Now there are two artists with undeniable talent, I just cant decide what I think..

1- Sasha Allen – Alone

2- Danielle Bradberry – Wasted

So if you missed The Voice last night, this is all you need to know.. thoughts? Did I make a wrong selection?


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