ROCK You Cancer – Music Fridays

Its Friday! While I normally would do an album review on Fridays, we are going to flip this a little bit and I am going to discuss a great project that has been brought to my attention this week. Today is about ROCK You Cancer, a fundraising effort in support of Relay for Life.

ROCK You Cancer is a project that was spearheaded by Judith Graves, a novelist, screenwriter and musician out of Alberta who was able to convince 8 Alberta bands to donate their time and record a song for a compilation album that would support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

I’ve had a chance to listen to this album and it’s great. It really showcases the talents of the bands who are featured on the album, the eight bands featured on this compilation CD are:

Greg Wood
Jenie Thai
Maria Sue Roberts
The Gibson Block
The Crook Art
Wilder Than We
Rustic Charm

Its great that all proceeds from ROCK You Cancer will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  In addition, if you’re in the The Lakeland area on June 21st and a few of the bands from the CD will perform live during the Relay for Life event.

Having had friends who have been touched by cancer, I can say this is a worthy cause and you should go out and by this album! Help tell cancer to ROCK off.

The compilation was just released and is currently on iTunes and on the CD distribution site:


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