Recipe Thursdays – BBQ’d pizza

Thursday! I think Thursday is pretty much my favourite work day of the week… mainly because it means I get an hour to undo all the abuse my body has taken within the last week (abuse from the gym) during my hour long lunch time yoga session.  Now while I realize I could do yoga any day… Thursday just seems to be the best.

Thursdays also mean I can share with you something delicious that has been cooked up by yours truly this week… and it gives me a chance to write about something other than music (not that I am complaining)

So it’s been hot this week here in Ottawa, so hot that when craving pizza the temperature outside made it so I didn’t want to turn on the oven… so I was forced into bbq’ing. Combining my love for bbq’ing and a love of pizza… (seriously it may be unhealthy how much I love pizza) and the need to cook something vegetarian.. the below was born.

BBQ’d vegetarian pizza (creative eh)

1-2 Sweet Potatoes (depending on size)
1-2 eggplants (I used graffiti eggplant because I thought it would look cool, it did not)
1-2 red peppers
pizza sauce
pizza dough (homemade or store bought, aint nobody got time to make pizza dough on a Tuesday)

Here’s what you do!

I rolled out 4 mini handfuls of pizza dough (mmm sundried tomato) into personal sized pizzas then laid them out onto aluminum foil (which had been brushed with olive oil) to rest while I did the rest of the work

Turn on your BBQ!  Shred cheese (I hate that part)

Peel and slice your veggies. I turned the sweet potatoes and eggplant into medallions, and the pepper into rounds for easy grilling. Obviously, size and shape is completely your prerogative, as well as amount.. depending on the size of your pizzas, 1 of each vegetable could suffice.

Grill your veggies on the bbq till they are cooked through on both sides.. this is your only real change to cook the veggies through. Once cooked.. remove from BBQ and set aside on a baking tray.

Now here’s the fun part! Take your pizza crusts out to the bbq and place oil side down (the side that had been resting on the aluminum foil). BBQ for a few minutes until your crust begins to puff up and the underside is crispy. Flip crust over. I compare this to making a grilled cheese, but start topping your crust on the cooked side while the underneath grills. Pizza sauce, veggies then cheese.. or cheese than veggies (up to you!)

Close the cover of your BBQ to let all the cheese melt and voila! BBQ’d pizza.

You could absolutely top these with whatever you want. Tomato and goat cheese, pepperoni, mushroom and garlic with alfredo sauce… damn I am making myself hungry.

But that’s the basics. Its supposed to rain today.. but next time its hot and you have a pizza craving.. think of this before calling in for delivery!

Happy Thursday


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