Where have all the good people gone?

Between getting updates on the Voice from last night (which sadly I missed, thank god for youtube) and getting caught up on everything I missed in the 6 hours that I was asleep, I stumbled upon the following video from Russia.

Now before you start over thinking that, its a collection of videos taken from dashboard cameras of regular human beings interacting with each other. I don’t know if my allergies acted up while watching this.. or I yawned, but I got a little misty eyed (I think this video restored my faith in people). Here is the video in question:

Now this video did get me thinking, what has happened to us as a population where videos or acts of kindness are rare? Living in a big (ish) city here, you smile at someone and I am pretty sure that they are thinking you are going to rob them. Even in my neighbourhood, walking along one of the parkway trails, or even just around the block, no one says hi anymore.. or morning. I mean people find it weird I am willing to hold a door open for them (trust me, I got hit with a door my first week in Ottawa, you cant expect things)

Have we become this jaded with all the bad news we’re bombarded with on a daily basis? Now to be fair, I may be making assumptions on a small portion of the population, but I am issuing a challenge. Do 3 nice things for random strangers this week, (A pay it forward type challenge I know, how original)  but maybe we can make it so that kind gestures like those in the video become less rare.


One thought on “Where have all the good people gone?

  1. I partially blame it on technology.. I have tried to be polite and talk to people but so many people (young people in particular) are so busy texting, talking on the phone or have ear phones in, nobody communicates anymore. I don’t know how many times I have thought someone was talking to me when they actually were talking into an earpiece.

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