Music Review Fridays – To the North

Happy Friday everyone! I am happy to say we all survived an additional week, and are heading into what is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend! At least in Ottawa, if you’re reading this from somewhere else, I am so sorry if I promise you a beautiful weekend and that doesn’t materialize.

So today’s music review is on an EP that was released way back in April 2010. Now you make think this is a bit of a cop out, the EP only has 4 songs, but I promise you… this album may change your life. Ok… maybe that was a bit of a hyperbole, but it’s honestly fantastic.

Matthew and the Atlas released To the North in April 2010, around the same time that Mumford and Sons were gaining popularity in the US. And that folksy influence can be seen in the work of Matthew and the Atlas. (Coincidentally, this band was signed by an artist lead organization founded by one of the members of Mumford and Sons)

I have trouble picking my favourite song off this album; it really comes down to 2 I honestly couldn’t go without listening to.

I Will Remain is probably the most “upbeat” track on this EP. It’s a great mix of a Mumford like sound with the song writing of Bon Iver (strong comparisons I know).

Within the Rose is the other track I am absolutely in love with. I don’t know how to describe this track. Just listen.

If you have any love for folk music, I definitely recommend this EP… plus its only 4 songs… you can surely spare 15 mins. Plus, from what I see on Facebook, Matthew and the Atlas are in the studio recording a full length debut album! Yay!

To the North is available on iTunes



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