Song cover fail…

So yesterday I promised that if I found a way to share the worst song I have heard all week, I would. So here it is, the Back to Black cover for the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

(turns out, most news/entertainment sites are using this version, it has some tags from the station that released it, so just listen past those)

Now being a fan of Amy Winehouse, I have to say this cover does not do the original justice, and the general media attention seems to be echoing this sentiment. I will say that I can see how this song would fit into the mood of the film, seeing as its slightly darker.

For the record, I am not anti-cover. There are tons of examples where artists come out with fantastic covers of songs.. this song (also from the Great Gatsby soundtrack is a good example of this)

What are your favourite covers of songs? Do you agree that the Back to Black wasn’t successful?


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