Essential Tracks – April 30

So there is no question that I listen to a lot of music. I think maybe aside from air, it’s the one thing I probably can’t live without. Which makes this week even harder because I can’t seem to find my headphones, which means I’m travelling around town without music… sigh, I feel deprived haha.

So todays post is inspired by music, more the lack of it and 5 tracks I feel that are essential to everyone’s life (mainly ones that I am missing). Now these songs are a bit of a departure for me, well 4 of them, one of them fits with my constant folk-song listening M.O., but change is good right?

1- Toast this Life – Grayson Matthews and Andrew Austin: Now this song appears in an Alexander Keiths commercial (it was written for it) but a full length track has been released. Now I loved this song when I heard it in the commercial, and I have listened to it 4 times already this morning. Folk-sy and wonderful

2- Over the Love – Florence and the Machine: This song is part of “The Great Gatsby” sound track which is being released next week and includes a bunch of new music from artists like Florence. This song is consistent with her style and just lovely.

3- I love it – Icona Pop: Now I am told this song has been around for a while (thanks Josh) and is only starting to make it big on the North American charts. This song is upbeat and a lot of fun (this song is one I am shocked I like so much)

4- Just Give Me a Reason – P!nk ft Nate Ruess: Climbing its way through the pop charts, this stunner by P!nk and F.U.N lead singer Nate Ruess is an easy song to listen on repeat… and be amazed when mid-way through this song there is a “who can singer higher sing-off… hint its pretty much a tie)

5- Bombom – Sam and the Womp: Now this is fully Josh’s influence… but this song is now appearing in Joe Fresh ads all over the place.

I was going to post the biggest song fail that I have heard all week.. but I cant find a decent version, but I am sure when its available, I will probably do a whole post on how terrible it actually is.

Happy Tuesday!


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