The internet and you.

I ran across an interesting article this morning while bumming around the internet and felt like I needed to share.

Now ever since the creation of social media, people have been writing articles warning those on sites like Facebook and twitter to be careful of what they post, since their internet past may come back to haunt them. Now having grown up in the 90’s, I know how terrible it can be when a picture resurfaces of you and your friends posing as Vanilla Ice.. or heaving forbid, Hanson. But I have always been skeptical of how much damage a Facebook account can be to someones reputation outside of those running for say, political office.

Now obviously there are limits to this, if you spend your spare time as part of a cult, or partaking in illegal activities with photographic evidence (clue 1- you’re an idiot), or you’re bad mouthing everything and everyone. But as a general human being, who, with the exception of a few drunken pictures, or that album from your university days, in my opinion, whats the harm? I mean didnt we all go through that phase at one point or another? (some are still going through it, not pointing fingers)

The article that inspired this was posted to Gizmodo, and can be found here.. what are your thoughts about your internet identity?



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