Music Review Fridays – Harmony review

Good Morning!! It’s Friday, finally which means we made it to music review Friday! I know you’re all very excited, I definitely am! Today’s album is Harmony by Canadian songstress Serena Ryder.


Now this album isn’t exactly new to me… I have had it on my phone for a while, but it’s definitely one of my favourite albums to come out within the last year. I’ve been following Ryder’s career since 2006 when she released “Weak in the Knees”, a song I still listen to today.

Standouts for me on this album is Please Baby Please a piano-esq ballad, Stompa the first release from this album, which gets stuck in my head and makes me want to stomp along, and Heavy Love a song that would definitely hold its own along an adult alternative hit.

I will say that this album isn’t the most cohesive album that I have ever heard, it’s clear that Ryder is experimenting with her sound after years in the music business. This is displayed by the folksy sound of Circle of the Sun or Baby Come Back, to the Nina Simone-esq For You. That being said, the tracks independent of each other are fantastic.

Harmony shows a new maturity to Ryder’s sound. I can’t wait to see where she goes with album number 7!

Harmony is available through iTunes and in music stores across the country.


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