Fleetwood Mac!!

So it’s Wednesday morning, and I am not going to lie… I am pretty exhausted. Before you ask, no, it wasn’t one too many sarsaparilla’s, but it’s because I spent a great part of last night rocking out with Fleetwood Mac.

I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac, and still to this day have days where Rumours end up on repeat. So seeing the band live last night was definitely something I can now check off my list! It also helps that the band was FANTASTIC… not that I expected anything less.

Classic songs (and personal favourites) like Second Hand News, The Chain, Rhiannon, and Go your own way were on the playbill. Of course you can’t forget Don’t Stop (amazing) and my clear favourite Landslide… which sounded wonderful live… I sometimes worry I dreamt that part… but then I Google the set list.

I will say that the projections behind the band were pretty trippy, especially when Fleetwood Mac launched into the songs from Tusk… really made me question the strength and quantity of drugs that were available in the 70’s. In addition, the band played a new recording “Sad Angel” which was great… and really continued the feel of Fleetwood Mac from Rumours.

Overall, fantastic show, great 2.5 hours spent on a Tuesday night!

As a bonus today… here’s a pissed or Corgi in a panda costume:


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