Mini-pigs, arrests and a terror plot?

Now I never pretend to know everything – although I do like to think I know a fair amount- but on a daily basis there are things that still surprise me.

These ares the things that are surprising me today

– Mini-pigs are a thing? I guess I was out of the loop when Paris Hilton purchased one in 2009, but apparently people are starting to keep tea-cup pigs as a pet. While adorable, they are still a pig! Also cities have bylaws on keeping livestock, so check your city’s bylaws before purchasing!

– Reese Witherspoon (america’s sweetheart) was arrested! This is something I’d never thought I would see.

– The RCMP arrested two people in an apparent Canadian terror plot

Well I am going to try and wrap my head around the mini-pig issue.. so I will all of you a good day! Tomorrow I will be boasting reviewing the Fleetwood Mac concert which is happening tonight at Scotiabank place!


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