Movie Review – The Company You Keep

So its Sunday (and sunny!! so today is really living up to the sun part of its name) and since I have nothing else to do, I am getting a late start to my day 🙂 Thankfully I have not forgotten about my commitment to post everyday, I just sometimes don’t get the post out as early as I like. 

So Saturday night was movie night, and first on the docket was a film titled The Company You Keep. Now I had never heard of this film, but in watching the trailer we quickly came to realize how many big names are in this movie, Susan Sarandon, Robert Redford, Stanley Tucci and who can forget Nick Nolte! haha There are more, this is just the impressive part of the list. 

The Company You Keep is about a wanted man and former member of the revolutionary militant group the Weather Underground goes on the run after a journalist outs him in a new article. 

Having never heard of this movie, or even realizing that Robert Redford was still acting (he was pretty active for a man approaching his 80’s) I have to say I was really impressed with this film. It was smartly written, the characters were fully developed and suited to the actors talents. 

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a smart thriller! Just try not to laugh at Robert Redford running like we did.. you can see the trailer below 


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