Music Review Fridays – We All Get Lighter review

So it’s finally Friday… I feel like I have been waiting all week for today to come! (HA!) But Friday means music review, so today I will be sharing what I have been listening to all week! (Well at least since Monday) This week I will be reviewing “We all get lighter” by Raine Maida.

Raine Maida is probably best known as the lead singer of the Canadian band Our Lady Peace but he is also an accomplish song writer and solo artist. This is Maida’s fourth solo release since 2006.

Now I discovered this release (surprisingly) while attending the Evil Dead movie (which I  reviewed on Tuesday) and knew I immediately had to purchase it. I had seen Maida in concert opening up for his wife (Canadian songstress Chantal Kreviazuk) playing songs from his first EP Love Hope Hero.

I have to say, this album did not disappoint, however I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing I have ever heard. There is no question that Maida is an incredible songwriter and he has the ability to pour emotion into every song he writes. Songs on this album such as Not Done Yet and How to Kill a Man are highly emotionally wrought and the vocals are some of his strongest.  Rising Tide reminds me a lot of the songs that were found on Love Hope Hero but Kreviazuk’s background vocals are a nice addition to the track. Montreal is probably my favourite tracks on the album.

Overall this album is a well written album that is easiest to listen to, and I would recommend it to anyone who has listened to Raine Maida’s other solo releases.  If you’re expecting songs like those released with OLP, you may be disappointed.

This album is a good listen, but I wouldn’t put it number 1 on your priority list of albums to listen to.

This album was released in March 2013 and is available in both hardcopy and via iTunes.

You can watch the video for Montreal below:


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