What has kept me entertained this morning

One of the few perks of getting up at what seems like the crack of dawn (and really, there are few perks) is that you can get a jump on whats happening in the world before some people are even out of bed (man I wish I was back in bed). But here is what I have learned in the time that I have been up

–  Maritime darling Rita MacNeil has passed away at age 68 (via CBC)
–  Florida may no longer be a top tourist destination as the state may be eaten by Giant Snails (via CBC)
– Ana Kendrick has made a music video for Cups.. and I think its awesome (via videogum)
– Apple has released Facebook Chat heads (which entertained me for a while yesterday as you can toss the heads around your newsfeed!). Here’s a review (via Mashable)
– Friends may be getting a comeback session (it’ll be like the year 2000 again!) (via elitedaily) *Update.. sadly this is not true.. but it was fun to get excited about *
– Here’s an interesting article on why your Social Media accounts should be more human (via Mashable)

Also this is probably the best thing that happened on The Voice last night.. I may listen to this on repeat all day.


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