Evil Dead review

Wow. It’s definitely a beautifully rainy Tuesday morning. Its days like these that make it extremely hard to get out of bed. I however against all odds managed to do so and am now taking the Ottawa limo service, also known as octranspo to the office. But man is it ever early.

But alas we must travel on and into the subject of today’s post. Last night I went with some friends to see the Evil Dead. Now I have a love hate relationship with horror movies. They raise my heart rate, I sweat and a lot of the time I feel like I need to hide in my hood (seriously. I strategically wear shirts or sweaters with large collars so I can hide if needed. Not enough so that it covers my eyes, just enough so it stops slight above my nose). And last night was really no different.

The Evil Dead is a remake of the 1981 classic directed by Sam Raimi, where five friends head to a cabin in the woods and evil ensues. In this version of the movie, 5 friends head up to a cabin so one of our lovely lead characters can detox from a drug which comes in a large enough quantity that I started to question her financial situation / why they would choose that cabin in the woods. This also would explain why 5 20-somethings would head to a cabin without technology.

Now it’s like these characters have never seen a horror movie before, because rules of horror movies 1) remote cabins in the woods are always the target of some sort of hi-jinx 2) you never read anything out loud from a book that had been wrapped in barbed wire 3) don’t be the idiot who reads from the book, like really.

I’m not going to ruin this movie too much, but I will say that for a horror movie, it gave me everything I was looking for. I jumped, I cringed, I was probably pretty close to hyperventilating, and the movie wrapped up in under 2 hours. In addition the twist at the end was decently satisfying although I had to think back to how the ending was possible.

What I will say about this movie is while it doesn’t have the gratuitous gore that some other horror movies have (I am thinking the saw franchise), it is pretty gory. I mean there are only so many times I can watch people extract nails from various parts of their body, among other things. So I shall caution you on that. But overall I would recommend the movie if you are a fan of this genre of movie. Also, not having seen the original shouldn’t make much of a difference, although I am totally going to try and rent it now.

Here’s the trailer

AND bonus!

This is being released. I am so excited!


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