Music Review Fridays – Tinman review

So its Friday! Also Mother Nature has decided to play a nasty prank on us and drop potentially 20 cms of snow on us today.. its April.. I mean really. Luckily for me, I am a huge procrastinator and haven’t taken off my winter tires, so it looks like procrastination delivered me a giant win!

But my ability to procrastinate is not the topic of today’s post (although that potentially gives me ideas for another post… but I will get to that tomorrow.. or the next day). Today we are here to talk about “Tinman” the latest release from folk-rock/pop artist Andy Brown.

Tinman is the 3rd album released by Fredericton based musician Andy Brown. and I have honestly been listening to this album on repeat since I was sent the digital download last week. This album feels like a bit of a departure for Brown, one who has never shied away from emotionally wrought song writing. Where previous songs such as Virginia described a man in love, Tinman truly feels like more of a break up album.

On Tinman, Brown includes a good mix of slow ballad like songs with more upbeat arraignments. Song such as Echoes or Lost describe love lost and haunting heartbreak. Myth, one of the slower songs on the album questions whether happiness is possible. Songs like What if, Happiness and You Wear Me Out had me tapping my toes, and I will admit to belting out Take It All Away, (sometimes forgetting that I was in public), which is probably my favourite song on the album.  

I’m predicting much success for Brown with this album, the title track Tinman has already been selected as a finalist in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category of the International Songwriting Competition.


Overall, this is a very cohesive, poignantly written pop album. I would highly recommend you check it out if you have the opportunity. Currently, the album is only available via pre-sale at, but that gets you a same day digital download. So go out and buy it.. you wont regret it. You can also check out False Alarm and Quicksand Confusion on iTunes.

Finally, if you live in the Maritimes, you  can check Andy out live in concert in Fredericton on April 19, Halifax on April 26th and Moncton on April 27th. More details can be found on his website.


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